Kurt Munz

KurtwebKurt Munz researches consumer behavior as a PhD candidate in marketing at the NYU Stern School of Business. His research focuses on consumer judgment and decision making, and often explores how emerging marketing or choice contexts (such as shopping using a voice-controlled device) affect what consumers buy, and how they feel about it afterward.

Prior to his academic career, Kurt served as an officer on surface ships in the United States Navy. He completed a bachelor of science degree at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in communication and a master of arts degree at New York University in psychology. He is a past president of the Social and Consumer Psychology Association at NYU.

Research Interests

  • Consumer Judgment & Decision Making
  • Auditory Information Processing
  • Choice Architecture in Emerging Technology Platforms
  • Consumer Rationalization

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  • Association for Consumer Research (ACR)
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • Society for Consumer Psychology (SCP)
  • Society for Judgment and Decision Making (SJDM)

Portrait by Brandi Toole