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When I look at the future of TV, I think it’s going to be on demand; it’s going to be mobile and cross-device; it’s going to be global; and it’s going to include a diverse set of content.Susan Wojcicki, CEO YouTube

Do Hand-Written Discounts Seem Better?

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Do Hand-Written Discounts Seem Better?

I received an email with an advertisement for a sale where the discount was made to appear to be hand-written.  I wonder what affect that has on perceptions of the promotion.

Meet Yourself 20 Years in the Future

European telecommunications company Orange partnered with Paris-based advertising agency Publicis Conseil and Toronto-based digital design agency Jam3 to create a surreal digital experience that allows users to speak with a simulated version of themselves 20 years in the future. The result, which is part of Orange’s 20th anniversary #futureself campaign, uses a combination of aging simulation and 3D rendering technologies to essentially allow folks to question their future selves.

Talk to your future self.