Melzner, Johann , Andrea Bonezzi, and Kurt P. Munz (2023), "Voice Technology: Implications of Oral versus Manual Communication for Consumer Research," Roundtable presented at the Society for Consumer Psychology Conference San Juan, PR.

With the advent of voice technology, consumers increasingly interact with technological devices orally (i.e., by speaking) rather than manually (i.e., by typing, clicking, and touching). This roundtable aims to examine how this shift from manual to oral communication with technology influences consumer behavior. We will discuss fundamental conceptual differences between oral and manual communication, methodological challenges of studying cross-modality effects in interactions with technology, and avenues for future research.

Melzner, Johann, Andrea Bonezzi, Jonah Berger, Christian Hildebrand, Mansur Khamitov, Anne-Kathrin Klesse, David Luna, Shiri Melumad, Vicki G. Morwitz, Kurt P. Munz, Demi Oba, Massimiliano Ostinelli, Aner Sela, and Ana Valenzuela